Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Snapped off by asian women

i sit down with $500 in 1-2 game and this asian girl Linda is at the table with $260 or so. I see 2 hands played and she raised both times to like 30 to 40 bucks preflop. I know plenty about her and know she always goes broke along with her husband who plays fast like a madman too. Well my first hand i get AK, young guy with over 300 in front of him makes it $15 under the gun. I call. It gets around to Linda on the button and she of course reraises to $50. (i dont think she ever puts anyone on a hand) young guy calls,I call. Flop is all spades low board. I do have a spade but its the King. Initial raiser checks ,I check, Mrs Saigon makes it 100. Kid calls, i think he has best hand at the moment with QQ or JJ with a spade likely. I think if my two overs hit im good and hopefully my K spade hits its good so i call. Turn is a rag spade so i got my flush but not that thrilled. The kid moves all in for $160 ,I call and Linda calls her last $109. Nice first hand pot!!! River was meaningless card as everyone showed their hand Queen high flush with QQ from kid, My K high flush with AK, and Linda takes down the larger pot with A9 offsuit and of course the A spades. If the young guy wasnt in the pot i certainly would have reraise her preflop but she doesnt fold so it would have played out same way.

So nice start at heartbreak central (Harrahs). Wasnt long before i pickup AK again i make it 20. gets to my asian princess and she repops it to 60. ( oh yea she already lost my money within a few hands so she has like $150 ) I got 250 and go all in on her, she shakes her head cause she is behind but calls with A5!! Bam she hits her card! There goes another chunk to her that she will give away. I get down to 100 and im on button with pocket 77 some limpers and then Linda makes it $25 , We get it all in and I double up.(maybe this will cool her off) She had J9 by the way... 10 minutes later Linda preflop raises again. I got AK clubs and I just know she will get in here and i probly have her crushed again. So i move all in she calls with A4 about an all spade flop!!!! Every dime of that $500 went to her over a course of 4 stupid hands. Hardee Har Har!!!! In one hour i was smoked and didnt want to play. After a long break I would return to play several hours to make my money back with a little profit. I need to open a freakin nail salon!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Im Back

Health wise that is.. I had my 2nd 3month scan at MD Anderson and no cancer was found. God has given me a pass for now and hopefully a cure. Started working out and eating right which was the plan even before i came up with Sarcoma. I can feel the difference already. Why do we put off the stuff that keeps us feeling good?

Getting my sons baseball team ready along with some private lessons. On the poker front... been running good lately live along with some heartbreaking min cashes online. Getting cold decked late in tourneys and cant get hands to hold but whats new? Oh and I took poker winnings and bought a Mac desktop. This baby is sweet !! Suck on it Windows!!

Being lazy with this blog but plan to try and kick it up a notch.....or maybe not. But I will try to bring something a little more interesting next post because this is not my style.

See some of yall at the Tables ... Peace

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Drop on Hand Played with Silly Poker Lingo

Stakes : 2/5 NL Holdem live action 9 handed
Location: Beau Rivage Casino (brick and mortar)
Players: Villian #1 $1200 stack (tight image has not played many hands)
Villian #2 $1000 stack (foreigner that i have pegged as a fish)
Tex(me) $900 stack (running bad and a little steamed)

In MP I look down at Rin Tin Tin (pocket 10s) . Villian #2 ,who speaks Sputnik, limps in from EP for $5 ,I decide to limp and play small ball. Two more players flatted behind me and Villian#1 in the BB checkoslovakias. 5 limpers see a flop of 9 6 7 Rainbow.. Villian#1 knuckles, Villian#2 fires out 30 bones ,I briefly go in "tank" as i want to repop it here with a 3bet but with donks behind me I decide to smoooth call. The 2 LP players insta-muck while Villian#1 flatted the $30 bet. So 3 to the turn. 4th street brings a brick 2 of spades but puts two spades on board. Action on Villian#1 who knuckles , Sputnik continues to show strength with a $ 60 bet. My read on Villian is a hand like top top or J9. Only hand possible that has me beat is if he flopped two pair. I choose to flat and control size of pot with positive EV if we are heads up to river. Well check caller Villian#1 smooth calls again! I feel he is on a complete draw. I think he is a good player so if he had the nuts or a set he would have check raised by the turn. The river card comes another 2 (a great card as there is no flush and gives me two pair if i was behind) Villian 1 checks ,which i let out a sigh of relief,and Sputnik who doesnt know how to check slides out a Hundo stack. Now I am already thinking of how much to repop it cause i know i should have done this on flop or turn but for some reason decide i will just flat and drag my pot. Well im expecting Villian # 1 to muck his rags he starts counting Benjamin Franklins I said "cmon man dont get cute I know u missed your draw" He ends up throwing out $600 in bills. WTF!!! now i am talking to myself and probly out of line as action is on Sputnik. 9 6 7 2 2 board okay. He played this very odd if he had a monster and was just gonna have to get paid off cause i think he is bluffing his ass off. Sputnik tanks for a while and ends up MAKING THE CALL! I stand up "tank" and walk around and finally talk myself off my read and FOLD my hand! Villain 1 just throws his hand in muck and i want to puke as Sputnik takes down $1600 pot with J9. Everyone has been telling me you have to fold there. While I know where they are coming from I totally disagree.This was one of those situations where I should have stuck with my gut. If Villian 2 folds I was insta-calling Villian 1 so why did I go into "i must be beat mode" when Sputnik took so long and called? The more I thought about it later I may have encouraged Sput to make the hero call when I opened my big mouth. UUUUGH! I ended up rebounding pretty well for trip but this hand could have been a nice swing for me.

By the way if I am sitting at a table with you do not speak Cardplayer to me!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer of Tex

I have been meaning to blog for sometime now. Its not like there is nothing to talk about and when I saw Da Rock had posted something I figured I better put a little post before I am totally off the GCP page. What up Darrel? Thats right.. you guys keep tipping ,though I still will be putting some of you on tip probation.

Anyhoo...the last time I blogged was around December and it wasnt even about poker as you can see. Most of you that give a rats ass to even read this blog already knew that I found a lump in my thigh which ended up being the Big "C". It is a rare type called Sarcoma, my version is MFH (malignant fibrousos hystiocytoma) After the biopsy report I of course went to the internet to research MFH.( This is before I met with Oncologist) Folks dont ever do this. It will scare the shit out of you. The majority of what I found nearly had me making out my will. Talking to a few doctors in Houma didnt make me feel much better. They said not much is known about Sarcomas and removal was the only treatment. I knew I had to go to M.D. Anderson .That place is amazing..they have a team of doctors that only deal with Sarcoma patients. They have a very aggressive approach to the aggressive cancer. On the net you will hear that chemo and radiation doesnt respond well. At MD they told me that in my case I could handle higher doses of chemo that some people can not. Well I went through 6 rounds of chemotherapy from Feb-June ...sucked but the area where tumor was removed shrunk considerably. I did 5 weeks of radiation which i finished friday. I will be home for a month then go back for reconstuctive surgery to remove margins around thigh muscle. So far they say I am a star patient and everything is going well.. The big thing with this is not to spread to lungs or reappear which it does 50% of the time within 2-5 yrs. I feel I have the edge in this coin flip with MD on my team. Does that sound like an infomercial?

Thanks for the support and prayers as well as the donations to help with all the overwhelming expenses that have incurred, especially you lunchboxes at the poker table(lol) Seriously though I am still waiting for someone to plan a charity tournament for me. Hell maybe I will organize it myself. You mean to tell me yall will fork up 100-300 bucks for some bullshit Hercules mardi gras donkament where you might win a shotgun or a dinner cruise for 20 people. Hell I wont be half as greedy as that ponzi scheme....I digress ....I have been blessed to have such great friends and family.

I have managed to fit in some poker from time to time. Getting back to online play lately, oh how i missed the beats that only the internet can provide with such regularity and craziness. They make it so fun with the dramatics. Hope to see some of yall this week as I get back to the felt. Dont know the dates but im pretty sure i wont get to play the big tourney at the Beau coming up. That sux. I will be on IR for about a month then start rehab. What happened to the Summer of George??!!!!